Printmaking Party! Pt.1

So I used to be big into printmaking. Mostly linocuts and screen printing in the past but recently I decided to get back into it and try a few different methods! The first was Risograph! I took a class in it a few weeks ago.


I went to a local Chicago print making studio called Spudnik Press, which if you haven't been to Spudnik and you are in Chicago, you should check it out! They have an assortment of amazing classes! 

I went through a class where they taught me the basics of the Risograph machine and how to use it. I really want to use this for zines later and hopefully will have at least one riso printed zine for Chicago Zine Fest this year

Now the Risograph machine isn't the only new print making device in my life now...You will NEVER believe what I found!


THAT'S RIGHT! IT'S A GOCCO PRESS! I've wanted one of these for YEARS, but unfortunately since they don't make new ones, finding one has been rather difficult. Well, not necessarily finding one, but finding one for a decent price. This one came with a bunch of different inks as well as one screen. I still had to get the lightbulbs separately and a few more screens, which can be a little annoying but hey, not the worst thing! I'm just surprised I was able to buy all of this together for a reasonable price!


If you don't know much about Gocco, they are machines that both burn designs into screens as well as act like the press for the screens. They make screen printing at home super easy. 

So not only did it come with the ink and a screen but also a booklet on how to use the Gocco with example prints and a set of sample cards that you could use to make screens. Some of them were hilariously weird and others were absolutely adorable. Here are the highlights:


I can't wait to get back into this! This isn't the first time I've used a Gocco before. Back in school, one of my teachers had a workshop with one so I already know the basics. I just have to refresh my memory a bit. It has been years since I last used one.

One of the screens I plan on making will be one of this piece! It's already just straight black and white so I think it will be a good for practice!

Into The Woods

If you follow me on social media, you've probably seen this new piece by now! It's my most recent personal piece I've finished.  


What you may not know is that I'm starting to post process videos! For now it will probably only be for some of my digital pieces since that's what I have the capabilities for but maybe later I will set up something to record my more traditional pieces! I made a Vimeo account to post all of them on. Here's the one for this piece!  

Happy Valentines Day!

Hope all of you are having a lovely Valentines Day! I send my love to all of you!

So far I'm doing well on this whole blogging thing. Two posts in a few days from each other? Always good, right? I hope so! I want to write regular entries here. I also want to make time for personal paintings and pieces each week even if they are small like these.

I'm getting new glasses! They are on the way and should arrive sometime this week. They're my first Warby Parker glasses so I'll let you all know how those go! A Warby Parker store opened up pretty close to me so I thought I would give them a shot! I haven't changed my glasses in a few years so I'm pretty excited about this change. I also bought prescription sunglasses. Oh yeah, that's right. Seeing in the extreme sunlight for the win! I'm so ready. 

I really enjoy making new profile pics mostly because it gives me an excuse to experiment with different techniques I've been playing with or different ways to depict the same thing. This time I experimented more with mixed media. I'm really enjoying playing around with this! My Valentines Day drawing is also mixed media. 

Do you all enjoy making new profile pics just as much as I do? What materials and techniques have you been experimening with recently?

First Blog Post!

Hey everyone! This is my first blog post. For a while I was using Tumblr for a blog then it was Wordpress, which for some reason I wasn't as into as other people, and now I'm trying out the Squarespace blog! I've tested it before while posting my webcomic POWER NAP, which is sort of on hiatus even though it's only been a few months since I started it. I tried making a webcomic thinking I would like the whole web comic experience, but for some reason I ran into a lot of pressure to be funny and all of a sudden my fun short comics I would do in my spare time became stressful.

I have been doing that a lot recently. Trying new things to branch out and finding they might not be for me. Don't get me wrong, I still plan on posting comics from time to time, but in a more casual way.

But back to trying new things: I recently tried something new where I took my usual gouache medium and added some colored pencils to them for a sort of mixed media play. It was a lot of fun and I found myself getting excited to work on it rather than getting excited for the finished piece, which is something I haven't felt in a while when it comes to art. I get that way when I'm writing, but I think I've gotten into a bit of a rut when it comes to personal art projects. Here's the finished piece I'm taking about:

Do you all get that way? I don't always but usually when I do, it's a sign of something. I took it as a sign I needed to evolve my art and branch into new techniques. Maybe my work became too stagnant and I wasn't challenging myself enough. I'm not sure. What I do know is switching up my medium and not exactly knowing what the piece wold look like when it was finished was exactly what I needed!

Working this way seems much more intuitive, which resonates with me a lot. I find that to be the most fun way to work. If you believe in the whole Myers Briggs thing, the personality type I test as (INFP) seems to match with this idea as well. If you don't, that's fine too! I just seem to mesh better with more intuitive ways of working than exact more planned out ways.

Do you all like to work more intuitive or more planned? What do you all do when you feel like you're in a rut?