Printmaking Party! Pt.1

So I used to be big into printmaking. Mostly linocuts and screen printing in the past but recently I decided to get back into it and try a few different methods! The first was Risograph! I took a class in it a few weeks ago.


I went to a local Chicago print making studio called Spudnik Press, which if you haven't been to Spudnik and you are in Chicago, you should check it out! They have an assortment of amazing classes! 

I went through a class where they taught me the basics of the Risograph machine and how to use it. I really want to use this for zines later and hopefully will have at least one riso printed zine for Chicago Zine Fest this year

Now the Risograph machine isn't the only new print making device in my life now...You will NEVER believe what I found!


THAT'S RIGHT! IT'S A GOCCO PRESS! I've wanted one of these for YEARS, but unfortunately since they don't make new ones, finding one has been rather difficult. Well, not necessarily finding one, but finding one for a decent price. This one came with a bunch of different inks as well as one screen. I still had to get the lightbulbs separately and a few more screens, which can be a little annoying but hey, not the worst thing! I'm just surprised I was able to buy all of this together for a reasonable price!


If you don't know much about Gocco, they are machines that both burn designs into screens as well as act like the press for the screens. They make screen printing at home super easy. 

So not only did it come with the ink and a screen but also a booklet on how to use the Gocco with example prints and a set of sample cards that you could use to make screens. Some of them were hilariously weird and others were absolutely adorable. Here are the highlights:


I can't wait to get back into this! This isn't the first time I've used a Gocco before. Back in school, one of my teachers had a workshop with one so I already know the basics. I just have to refresh my memory a bit. It has been years since I last used one.

One of the screens I plan on making will be one of this piece! It's already just straight black and white so I think it will be a good for practice!