I have a few different places where you can find my work depending on what you want! Below I have the different places and the descriptions of what you can find at each place so you can pick accordingly. 


This is my main shop! Here you can find my enamel pin designs and any smaller personal commissions I have available at the moment. Those are not to be confused with client work though! Just little gifts that you can give your friends. Sometimes I will put my leftover zines here from shows and you can buy the last few if I still have inventory!



This is a monthly subscription based service where I post process videos, sketches, coloring pages, and smaller commissions depending on how much you give! You can even give as little as $1 a month to see my main feed.


Here you can find prints, phone cases, and some home goods with my designs on them! Want a tote bag or pillow with my art on it? This is the place to go! I also take requests if you saw a piece you liked of mine and want it on the shop!


Missed me at a show but still want to read my zines? Do you have too much clutter around your house so you're more into digital zines? This is your place! I have a selection of zines that I sell at conventions sold on Gumroads all in digital format! They're all PDFs and should be able to read on any device. 


Don't have a lot to spend but just want to say you like what I've been doing? Ko-Fi is the place to go! It's like my little tip jar. It also helps me add new products to my shops!