Happy Valentines Day!

Hope all of you are having a lovely Valentines Day! I send my love to all of you!

So far I'm doing well on this whole blogging thing. Two posts in a few days from each other? Always good, right? I hope so! I want to write regular entries here. I also want to make time for personal paintings and pieces each week even if they are small like these.

I'm getting new glasses! They are on the way and should arrive sometime this week. They're my first Warby Parker glasses so I'll let you all know how those go! A Warby Parker store opened up pretty close to me so I thought I would give them a shot! I haven't changed my glasses in a few years so I'm pretty excited about this change. I also bought prescription sunglasses. Oh yeah, that's right. Seeing in the extreme sunlight for the win! I'm so ready. 

I really enjoy making new profile pics mostly because it gives me an excuse to experiment with different techniques I've been playing with or different ways to depict the same thing. This time I experimented more with mixed media. I'm really enjoying playing around with this! My Valentines Day drawing is also mixed media. 

Do you all enjoy making new profile pics just as much as I do? What materials and techniques have you been experimening with recently?