I Am A Wolf Cover Reveal!

It’s been a while since I blogged but I feel like today is the best day to pick it back up since today I Am A Wolf’s cover has been revealed!


For those who may not know the story of my debut picture book, here is a summary:

In this pet adoption story that's as laugh-out-loud funny as it is heart-tugging, a dog who insists she's a wolf finds the perfect home with a young girl who sees past her prickly personality.

When a particularly growly pup finds herself in an animal shelter, she insists that she is a wolf--a lone wolf. After all, she's not sweet, she's not cute, and she is just fine on her own! Luckily, there's one little girl at the shelter who knows that sometimes, good dogs act bad when they feel afraid and that extending a little kindness can help even the most wolfish pup at the pound let down her guard.

The official publishing date is May 21, 2019! Here are some links to add it to Goodreads as well as pre-order it:

Leading up to the cover reveal, I created some GIFs to celebrate the release:


I can’t wait for you all to meet Wolf!