Into the Unknown!

Ever feel like when you start on a new journey in your career or life, you're jumping into the unknown blindfolded? No matter how much I prepare, I still feel that sense! I've worked freelance on the side before but full-time is still so new to me. It took me about a month and a half of trial and error to figure out how I personally work best and how to maximize my productivity while not feeling burnt out! The occasional burn out may seem ok for a sprint, but if you're in it for the long haul like me, it's not a viable solution. 


I'm in between deadlines at the moment so I decided to take this time to do some of the busier business stuff that I needed to take care of like website maintenance, updating my shops (there's a brand new shop page on my website!), boring stuff like managing quickbooks, and some of the more fun stuff like checking in with you all!

Another thing I did was take time to dive back into one of my favorite business books for artists: Art Inc. by Lisa Congdon. I originally bought and read this book at an ICON conference back in the day and now that I'm a full-time artist/illustrator/author, I decided to give it a reread to brush up on ways to better my business! If you're an artist who wants to make your art your full-time job or even just a side job, this book is for you! 


I've been reading a few other books for fun. There are three that stand out the most for me: Plumdog by Emma Chichester Clark, Olga and The Smelly Thing From Nowhere by Elise Gravel, and Olga We're Out Of Here! by Elise Gravel. They're all visual novels with alternative graphic novel layouts that I find very inspiring! You should check them out at your local bookstore!