Light Grey Art Lab Foodies Piece!

I'm in Light Grey Art Lab's new show Foodies! It's a show all about sharing recipes. The show opened just last night and you can buy prints of my piece and a full set of recipe cards with my card as well as many other beautifully illustrated cards! If you want some beautifully illustrated recipe cards but can't go to Minneapolis (I know I can't,) you can purchase the recipe cards on Light Grey Art Lab's Online Shop

Below you can see the fully illustrated front. The back of the card has the recipe on it and it's also fully illustrated as well, but you will have to buy it to get the full recipe. I had a lot of fun making this piece!


I picked a homemade vegetable stew that's roughly inspired by some family recipes and a few other recipes I use. I am... not a very good cook so I feel like if I can do this, you all can too! It's a very easy recipe for beginners. It's not necessarily quick, but there are probably other shortcuts you can take to speed up the process. I just like to marinate my beans. This recipe can also be done in a slow cooker or crock pot!