Small Projects Galore!

I've started many different small projects this month while I work on some much bigger projects that I can't quite post too much about yet. The first project is my Favorite Small Things project that I'll be posting throughout all of April on Instagram and Twitter. They are little black and white drawings that I'll be posting daily of small everyday things that I like and that make every day more enjoyable! Here are the ones I've posted so far:


The second project I'm doing that will be going on for much longer than just the month of April is The 100 Days Project! The 100 Days Project is all about doing one thing for 100 days and seeing how you improve, become creative with your decisions, or just make time for something that you haven't been able to in a while! For mine, I'm finishing a sketchbook spread a day with whatever materials I want to use and of whatever subject I feel like drawing! I'll also be posting this on my Twitter and Instagram.

For more general info on the 100 Days Project, check out their website here: