Hello Summer!

It's been a wild few weeks. My debut book is finally coming together, which means I've been hiding behind my desk and plugging away at it! Alexander and I also tabled at CAKE (Chicago Alternative Comics Expo) and sold some of our self published work, zines, and prints. We also just showed at Chicago Zine Fest two weeks prior to that. We don't normally do a lot of tabling so to us it feels like quite a lot of tabling in the past few weeks!


For once, I caught Animal Alphabet when it started on A so I decided to join in this time! The topic is Extinct animals. I will be posting them every Monday on social media so keep a look out! The first one is an Alvarezsaurus. By the end of it, I hope to have a really wonderful alphabet series!

I'm still consistently updating my 100 Day Project! Below are some of the recent ones that I've finished. I try to post them daily but sometimes I draw them so late at night that it would be too late to post for people to see them. When that happens, I just post two the next day.