Shakespeare Poster and Alphabets!

Hey! Hope you all are doing well. Most of my days have been taken up with book work at the moment. I'm working on a secret project other than I Am A Wolf, which hopefully I'll be able to talk about more thoroughly soon. I really can't wait for the cover reveal for I Am A Wolf since it will be my first ever cover reveal! I am a publishing baby. Everything is new to me. 

What I CAN talk about though is I was also recently commissioned by the Kentucky Shakespeare group to create a poster highlighting the whole cast for their 58th year! It was a lot of fun to create. It's been a while since I've made a poster with this many people in it so it was like a puzzle to fit everyone in a natural way.


I've also added more alphabet letters to my Animal Alphabet! I update it every Monday on my social media and my website so you can keep up there if you like. Now we are all the way to I.

Since I've been making way more short journal comics, I decided to dedicate a page on my website to them. It's the one marked Webcomics. I probably won't update them on here after this so there isn't repeat content but I update that about 2 times a week or so. You can check back in over there for updates! For now though, if you click to the left or right, you can scroll through the ones I've posted here:

For non business people, in case you missed, I opened some personal profile pic commissions! Below are some examples. If you like what you see, you can always order one off my shop: Profile Pic Commissions. These are, of course, for personal use only like on your social media or a wall hanging. Not necessarily for anything that would be used commercially.