2019 is a BIG YEAR!

Well, 2019 is officially here! That is, it’s been here for quite some time. A few weeks actually. I’m a little late in writing this post as you can tell! 2019 is the year of many things, but it is also Wolf’s birthday! 2019 is the year I Am A Wolf gets released and everyone can read her story! Having this be my debut book is immensely exciting! I can’t wait to share more news related to her and other things!


As you all know, I Am A Wolf has a release day of May 21, 2019 so keep an eye out for it in bookstores and preorder if you like! In case you missed when I posted about it, I now have a quarterly newsletter! I haven’t sent out the first one as of now (while I write this post) but I’m hoping to be able to send one out soon. I’m waiting for approval to say a few other news related things before I send out my first 2019 newsletter. If you haven’t signed up, you can do that here:


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I promise not to spam! It’s just a quarterly newsletter so you’ll just get about 4 a year if anything. It will have all the news from that quarter collected into one spot and sent directly to you!

My January has been filled with a lot of writing, sketching, and behind the scenes work for a few projects I can’t talk about yet! I can’t wait to tell you more about those once the year progresses though. I can’t really show you all anything from that but I can show you all of my sketchbook doodles I’ve been creating while I read or listen to audiobooks.

Below are sketches from my reading of The Wicked King by Holly Black, which is the sequel to The Cruel Prince, one of my favorite recent reads!


And here are some quick character doodles of the Six of Crows crew! I drew this while I was listening to the audiobook. Since King of Scars is coming out soon, I wanted to reread all of the Grisha books beforehand. I started with Six of Crows and Crooked Kingdom (all by Leigh Bardugo) since I’ve never reread those before despite loving them. I didn’t have as long to doodle while listening to those so I was only able to do a few quick ones of the characters. I’ve since moved onto Shadow and Bone and now I’m on Siege and Storm. Soon I will be on Ruin and Rising and, much like the title, it will destroy me! It’s such a good series. I highly recommend both series if you like new takes on fantasy worlds and an interesting crew of characters. Hopefully I’ll have some time to doodle characters from those books soon!


Hopefully I’ll have more I can show other than sketchbook doodles soon! Maybe I’ll do some themed blog posts in the future. If there’s any topic you’d like me to cover, you can let me know either through the comments on this blog, through my email, or on social media! Until next time!