Months After I Am A Wolf's Release!

It’s been over two months since I Am a Wolf, my debut picture book, was released and it’s been wild to see it in public! This is my first ever published book and I just can’t get over spotting it while I casually browse a bookstore. It’s so surreal!


The Book Cellar hosted my very first author event for I Am A Wolf back in June. A portion of the proceeds went to PAWS, the animal shelter where we adopted Frankie, the inspiration for Wolf! If you don’t know about PAWS, it’s a wonderful organization that rescues animals from kill shelters and works with them to have them ready for adoption. The turn out was great and I had a lot of fun meeting all the kids who attended.



I’m working on a few more stories that I can’t wait to share! Like I Am A Wolf, they are stories I am both writing and illustrating. Though I can’t say what the book is or what it’s about, my next book comes out in 2020 so keep an eye out for it! Hopefully I’ll be able to release more info about it soon.

In the meantime, did you know that I keep a daily illustrated journal? I am in LOVE with the Hobonichi Techos. I don’t release a lot of the images online mostly because they disclose what projects I’m working on and I haven’t announced those yet, but below are some that I can show!

When I was younger, I used to visual journal all the time. Getting back to that feels amazing. I’m also a lover of check lists and getting things done so I love the planner side to it. Mine is an A6 since I prefer the portability of the small size. I use the daily pages as visual journals and the monthly pages for planning. I also use a weekly insert for my A6 for day to day check lists to keep myself on tasks. This is my third year using a Hobonichi and I think this year, I really figured out the way I prefer to use it!

The new 2020 Hobonichi line up is going to be announced soon and I can’t wait to see what my 2020 one will be!

Since I love their covers so much, I bought one in the A6 size for my small sketchbooks. I’ve started a new ink-only sketchbook to loosen up my work a bit. If you ever feel stiff with your art or want to learn how to keep your hand steady, an ink only sketchbook is the way to go! No pencil is allowed or under-sketching. I’m not super far into my new ink-only sketchbook but I am having fun with it!

For those interested in ink only sketchbooks, here are some tips:

  • Your drawings will start out pretty messy, but you get used to it. The mess is part of the fun and learning experience!

  • If you feel the blank white page might be too intimidating, try to get a sketchbook with a grid or dot pattern. Sometimes having a page that already has something on it makes me less worried about messing up.

  • You can buy a super nice fancy sketchbook, but if you’re afraid you might be intimidated to draw in only ink in it since it is nice and fancy, get a cheaper one! You can even get a composition notebook if you’d like. You don’t always have to draw on fancy paper, especially for this.

  • If you want a steady hand, try brush and ink or a pen and nib. I personally don’t use a pen and nib but I feel like it would teach your hand to stay steady just as much as a brush and ink would.

  • If you want to get looser with your work (which is my current goal for mine,) use pens that glide very nicely. I like pilot pens personally but it doesn’t have to be those. It could be any pen you pick up as long as you can use it for quick gestures. You don’t need fancy pens especially if your goal is to loosen up your drawings.

  • And remember, it will be messy! Don’t get discouraged if your first few pages are filled with messy inky drawings. It’s supposed to go this way! The fun part is when you fill up a full sketchbook to look back at your first few drawings and see how far you’re come and how much you’ve learned!