Where to buy my BOOKS:

If you’re looking for my published books, you’re in luck! You can buy them in almost every bookstore or order through them. If you’re looking for some direct links though, here are a few popular places where people order my books!


MAIN SHOP (non-book items)

This is my main shop! Here you can find my enamel pin designs and any smaller personal commissions I have available at the moment. Those are not to be confused with client work though! Just little gifts that you can give your friends. Sometimes I will put my leftover zines here from shows and you can buy the last few if I still have inventory!


You can choose to buy me a coffee ($3) for one month and see some behind the scenes work or pay for a monthly coffee (also $3) to see process videos, behind the scenes work, WIP, Q&A, and many more things!


My Threadless artist shop is still pretty new so there's only a few designs up there. More to come soon! Here you can find t-shirts, mugs, prints, bags, and many other things!